CSR initiatives

Highbury Safika Media's CSR strategy is aimed at encouraging community growth and development by working with local communities to help them better themselves. Our Corporate Responsibility Committee (CRC), made up of representatives from across the company, is aligned with various social responsibility programmes. Some of our recent initiatives include:


• Upgrading the accommodation and bathrooms at Baphumelela – Fountain of Hope in Philippi, as well as converting an old shed into a professional work space with computer equipment.

• A day spent with a group of moms and their children at Place of Hope in Athlone, a safe house for victims of domestic violence. Our CRC team put together hampers of much-needed basic necessities and spent time engaging with the residents of Place of Hope as well as Jennifer Arendorf, who has been running the shelter for the past 11 years.

• A Christmas party for the children from Colleen's Place of Hope, a home for abandoned children in Mitchell's Plain. The kids enjoyed fun games, sports and activities, live entertainment and gifts of toys, school shoes and Crocs, as well as other useful items.